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The demography of the world is changing; the number of people is increasing as well as the average life expectancy. This means that organisations and companies will have a growing number of elderly employees.

Due to the demographic change we are in great need of knowledge of what impact it will have and tools to face the new and changing requirements put on individuals, on organsations and on companies as well as on society.


The vision of the swAgeTM model is to promote the development of a sustainable work force and a sustainable working life for all ages. The purpose of swAgeTM is to create healthy work places on the base of the varying conditions of different ages.


The swAgeTM model outlines predictors for a sustainable working life for all ages.

The purpose of the model is to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge of the fundamental aspects of work life participation; different ages varying conditions in working life as well as strategies and tools to create healthy work places.


  • Is based on fundamental needs to create healthy work places
  • Is a collected tool developed to make working life more sustainable for all ages on an individual level, on a company/organizational level as well as on a societal level
  • Contains a knowledge base and proposals for action for managers, employers, HR, occupational healthcare, labour unions and safety representatives in order to create healthy work places where employees can and want to work until a higher age
  • Promotes healthy work places for all ages
  • Is designed to be used in the daily work and in managing changes
  • Contains aspects from the individual perspective, the company- and organizational perspective as well as the societal perspective
  • Promotes the development of robust organisations and companies for the future organizational challenges

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The swAgeTM model is developed by

professor Kerstin Nilsson

"My name is Kerstin and I am a professor in Public Health at Högskolan Kristianstad. My research is based on an interest to decrease suffering and increase well-being among individuals, in organisations and companies as well as in society.

I have doctorated and am a docent in Public health, Epidemiology at the division for Occupational and Environmental medicine at Lund University. Furthermore I have doctorated and am a docent in Work Science at the Department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). 

Based on having done reserach in health promoting work places and a sustainable working life for all ages since 2003, I have developed a theoretical model of predictors for a sustainable working life - swAge (sustainable working life in all ages)"

- Kerstin Nilsson 

Photo: Åsa Hansdotter

Kerstin Nilsson 

Professor, Docent & Dr.Med.Sc. in Public Health Epidemiology 

Docent & PhD in Work Science

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